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Between the knees: reduces pressure between the spine and pelvis     Back: Improves the circulation by lifting the legs     Perfect for pregnant women     Removable and hand washable [more...]
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Made of cotton and polyester     Temperature: 40 ° C (+/- 5 ° C)     Voltage: 100-240V     Power: 20 W     Cable: approx. 150 cm     [more...]
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Relax Cushion is a full-body massage mat made from an extremely comfortable padded material. It has been specially designed to treat four areas of the body with a vibration massage: neck, back, lumbar vertebra and legs. This massage mat offers whole [more...]
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The Relax Cushion Anti-decubitus pillow is ideal for pregnant women, people with reduced mobility or hemorrhoids, etc. It is made of viscoelastic foam which adapts to the contours of your body and reduces the pressure on the coccyx while sitting. The [more...]
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Posture armor back support If you suffer from back pain and are tired all day, the back support is the ideal solution to all your problems. These back falls can be adjusted and adjusted. It helps by magnetotherapy in improving your posture. Made of [more...]
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The Dr Gem magnetic back support is ideal to correct incorrect body posture and thus avoid back pain. This posture corrector is equipped with 12 strategically positioned magnets (400 G). Thanks to magnetic therapy and the excellent relief from the [more...]
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