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For hot summer direct coolingThis pocket-sized spray fan is ideal for refreshing on hot summer days, as well as in the gym or hiking. Since it is only very small (dimensions: ca 9 x 26 x 6,5 cm) and light (approx. 130 g), you can take it with you [more...]
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Discover the Abdo King electrostimulation belt! Simply the ideal solution to reduce grease pads effortlessly! If you have always wanted a defined and muscular belly, Abdo King is just right for you, thanks to the revolutionary system that trains the [more...]
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Abdo King Redux is very easy to use and convenient. Thanks to its light and discreet design, you can wear it under your clothes. Simply fanstastic for belly, arms, chest, legs, po ... A couple of minutes a day correspond to many hours of training! [more...]
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Abdo ENRG 360 Electrostimulator! With its advanced technology and unique design, this electrostimulator allows you to train upper, lower, and lateral abdominal muscles, back, lower body muscles, shoulders and other problem [more...]
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