Gratis inserate

General Trading Conditions

The following conditions apply to the use of our service and must be observed!
1 General:
(1) The user must open an account with us in order to publish his advertisements. The opening of an account presupposes that the user accepts our terms of use and provides the data requested during registration truthfully and completely.

2. Content of the advertisements (1) The user is obliged to describe his offer completely and truthfully. Only the reference (link) to another website may be entered as the advertisement text. (2) The responsibility for the advertisement texts and images lies solely with the author of the advertisement. We do not assume any liability or guarantee for advertisements published by third parties and their content.
(3) It is not permitted to use texts and images that have been copied from the Internet, print media or other sources. Only self-made images and texts may be used for advertisements.
(4) We reserve the right to change or shorten texts, to refuse the publication of texts and images or to delete them afterwards, especially if a third party reports a violation of our terms of use.
(5) The following articles may not be offered via our advertising portal: - Articles the sale of which infringes copyrights or industrial property rights. - Articles that endanger young people, glorify violence, discriminate and pornographic. - explosives. - Propaganda articles by banned groups and organizations.
(6) We do not guarantee the correctness of the content or the topicality of advertisements or their legal admissibility.

3. Verified members
(1) Verified members are users whose personal details have been checked by us. The verification is carried out by verification by a mobile phone number that is in the name of the person. SMS
(2) Offers from verified members are marked with the hint-verified member on the details page at the top right. This marking is to be understood as a reference only; we do not guarantee the truthfulness of the information provided by the user.
(3) The advertisements of verified members are automatically activated without prior checking by an employee.
(4) If this service is misused, we reserve the right to delete or block individual advertisements or the user's account without prior notification. Furthermore, we reserve the right to initiate legal measures and steps and, if necessary, to demand compensation.
3. Exclusion
(1) We are not liable for the identity, seriousness, behavior or willingness to perform of a user, even if we have identified him as a verified member.
(2) We do not guarantee 100% availability of our service.
(3) We reserve the right to change or add to the terms of use or to discontinue our service at any time and without notice.
(4) There is no legal right to use our service. We reserve the right to exclude individuals from using our service.

An offer like ours can only work with the cooperation of the users. We therefore ask you to report irregular advertisements, violations of our terms of use, dubious offers and links that are no longer accessible.